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Elder Abuse Documentaries

Posted by Freeman & Freeman | Sep 22, 2023 | 0 Comments


Elder Abuse Crimes

Elder abuse is low key one of the worst crimes in our American society, and the saddest part about this crime is that little to no major news outlets cover it to the extent that they should. That's exactly why independent filmmakers and journalists have taken it on their own to get the stories of elder abuse out to the public that need to be shared, and the results have been an array of very provocative documentaries every film and documentary buff should watch, at least till you start tearing up. Northern California personal elder abuse attorneys at Freeman Injury Law have come out to say that elder abuse is one of the worst growing problems, not only in America but around the globe. Here in the United States it's a topic that is just now starting to become more prevalent because the baby boomer generation is just now starting to need living assistance and the numbers are growing a little bit too far out of control. Another point the elder abuse attorneys state for the rise of this abuse is the preconceived notion by a lot of Americans to not take their parents into their family homes like many other cultures around the world do more regularly, or at least civilly.

A House Divided

The first of the films we're featuring here is called A House Divided: Caregiver Stress and Elder Abuse, and this movie is a thirty five minute documentary that you can see online if you'd like that really goes deep into how older, helpless people are being abused by their children and loved ones. This of course is one of the more prominent ways elder abuse happens, but that's not always the case. You can watch this documentary here.

Secrets In America

The next movie that we are going to talk about is a very awesome short documentary that really goes into the historical and hidden figures of the elder abuse scandal in America, and this documentary is called Secrets in America: The Crisis of Elder Abuse. This was produced by Cornerstone Pictures and was funded due to Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance coming out to the public and announcing that the statistics of elder abuse have been skewed over the years and that over the past 4-5 years in America alone there has been a 50% increase in reported elder abuse cases. This documentary is riveting, horrifying and at the same time so eye opening that you can't keep your eyes off the screen. When you watch Secrets in America you are going to have a much better understanding of just how horrible this problem is in our country, and we know that through this informing film progress can be made. So be inspired and watch Secrets of America: The Crisis of Elder Abuse.

Saving Our Parents

The next movie that we are going to talk about is also a really good documentary called Saving Our Parents, and this movie is more about the side of elder abuse that happens at the professional level at nursing and retirement homes across the country. The film follows one heart-wrenching story about a daughter discovering that her father suffered from elder abuse at a nursing home and died as a result of that abuse. There are also many more discussions about predators at nursing homes and scams that older people are sucked into and financially drained from without their knowledge. Nursing home neglect is also a major theme of this documentary, and it really is just so alarming because so many American families have a loved one in a nursing or retirement home, and it's just really hard to know sometimes if they are getting the kind of treatment they deserve. Get more informed about the institutional side of elder abuse and watch Saving Our Parents.

An Age for Justice

The last movie that we are going to talk about on this list of very provocative online documentaries is called An Age For Justice: Confronting Elder Abuse in America. This documentary is definitely very powerful in that it used the power of the Internet to bring about some really serious examples of elder abuse and bring them to life through the power of film making. When you watch a movie like this you really get to see just how impactful movies can be, and although this movie is only about 16 minutes long its message can last an entire lifetime. The overall message of this film is that the time has come for Americans to not only accept elder abuse as a serious problem but to confront it head on just like any other social issue we've ever had, and do it with the respect our elders deserve. So click the link and watch An Age for Justice. We really hope that some of these documentaries inspire and inform you more about this really tough issue that a lot of Americans don't know enough about or just aren't willing to talk about with their friends and family members. There are so many of us who have loved ones in nursing homes or in positions of potential neglect, and these are the individuals who are most prone for elder abuse. So please watch these films and help contribute to the causes of these very brave filmmakers.

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