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Stove Tip-Over Accidents

Injuries Caused by Stove Tip-Over Accidents


Children are curious by nature. While parents may take steps to childproof a home, some accidents may happen despite the best efforts of their guardians or caregivers. For example, a stove tip-over accident can happen in an instant. An inquisitive child may climb on a door, which in turn can cause the stove to tip over. A boiling pot of water may severely scald the child. In some cases, the stove may tip over completely, leading to a tragic crushing injury.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a tipping stove, take action immediately. Contact The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman. A Santa Rosa personal injury lawyer from our office may be able to help you with a stove tip-over lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit, depending on the circumstances. Talk to a stove tip-over lawyer today.


While many stove tip-over injuries involve small children, tipping accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of their age. Reportedly, 34 people have been killed in stove tip-over accidents since 1980. About 84 injuries have been reported.

Homeowners can prevent stove tip-overs by installing anti-tip devices or restraining devices. While there are relatively inexpensive and simple ways to reduce the risk of an accident, many consumers have not been informed of the potential hazard of a stove tipping over.

The liability in a tip-over may lie with the manufacturer for failing to warn consumers about the risk of not installing a restraining device. In some cases, a landlord may be responsible for failing to secure the stove.


Anti-tip brackets are designed to prevent freestanding ranges from tipping. They are normally attached to a rear leg of the range or screwed into the wall behind the range, and are included with all stoves.. A range that doesn't have an anti-tip bracket will tip over when weight is put on the open door, such as a Thanksgiving turkey, or a small child climbing. A falling range can crush, scald, or burn anyone caught beneath.

The whole oven can and will tip very easily with very little weight on the open oven door. Stop reading RIGHT NOW and go open your oven door.  Remove any pots, kettles, or other items from the stove top. Make sure the oven and the range top are cool prior to placing hands on the appliance. Then press down to see if you can tip your oven!

If you can tip it, you can call the manufacturer of your oven and they should send you a bracket for free or just a shipping charge.

How to Prevent Stove Tip-Overs in Santa Rosa


The heartbreaking truth about stove tip-over accidents is that they can be prevented. Hundreds of children sustained scald burns and dozens have died because the ovens or ranges did not have anti-tip devices installed. These L-shaped brackets could have been secured to the range and bolted to a wall.

Stove tip-over can result in serious injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tipping accident, don't hesitate to contact a Santa Rosa personal injury lawyer. At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, we are dedicated to helping clients pursue maximum compensation for their losses.


A stove tip-over accident may occur when weight is applied to an open oven door, which acts as a lever. If the stove is not secured, the oven or range may tip over.

To prevent a stove tip-over, install anti-tip brackets. Manufacturers started providing simple brackets in 1987 to keep the stoves firmly mounted the wall. But in many cases, the brackets were not used.

Manufacturers could come up with an alternative design. Modern ranges are relatively light, which can pose a hazard when a child steps onto an open door. Ranges could be made with more weight in the back, or even a break-away door.


Manufacturers, landlords, installers and other potentially liable parties may be negligent. They may have failed to warn consumers about the dangers of not securing the stove or simply failed to use a bracket to secure the stove. It is estimated that as many as 45 million homes in the United States have no device securing their stove to prevent tipping accidents.

The following are a few of the serious types of stove tip-over injuries:


The following are a few examples of negligence in a stove tip-over accident:

  • A manufacturer fails to provide anchoring devices, or anti-tipping devices, with the oven or range.
  • An installer who comes to the home fails to properly secure the oven or range to a wall.
  • A landlord rents an apartment that has an improperly secured oven or range.

Manufacturers design stoves that can easily tip over. They could design appliances with more weight on the back, but the cheaper alternative is for them to continue making light-weight ranges that are prone to tip and pose a grave threat to consumers. The government and the manufacturers have been aware of the problem for decades.


in California are experienced in handling product liability claims. We have seen the devastation caused by burn injuries. We understand the frustration felt by victims who simply want to get the compensation they are owed for their losses. If you or someone you love was injured, take action today! Contact a tough-minded lawyer from our firm. Call (707) 575-7141. At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, we're on your side.

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