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How to Report Elder Abuse

How to Report Elder Abuse in Santa Rosa


If you suspect elder abuse, take action immediately. By reporting elder abuse, you may save a life, not to mention protecting someone's assets and dignity.

If you suspect abuse occurred at the elder's home or somewhere other than an assisted living facility, contact the local county Adult Protective Services Agency, or call your local police department.

If the elder abuse occurred in a nursing home or other type of long-term care center, call the state long-term care ombudsman at (707) 526-4108, or contact your local police department or the Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse.

As a person reporting the elder abuse, you are shielded from both criminal and civil liability.

To learn more about your legal rights, contact an experienced Santa Rosa elder abuse lawyer at The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman. Call (707) 575-7141 for a free and confidential consultation.


The act of reporting elder abuse can be incredibly difficult given the emotions connected to doing so. For many individuals, pivotal questions arise during the process, such as, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Am I really sure that the elder person is being abused?” among others. Asking such questions of yourself is completely normal. At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, we are well aware of the intense emotions and concerns that can arise in the event that you feel obligated to report a suspected incident of elder abuse in Santa Rosa, and we are here to help as you take steps toward doing so.

To help you through this process, we have provided a list of tips to keep in mind as you proceed with making a report of this nature. We highly encourage you to involve a personal injury attorney from our firm in the matter as well. With one of our experienced lawyers on your side you can trust that you are taking the appropriate measures for reporting elder abuse and / or neglect. Read through the following tips to learn more about what can be done at this time and how our legal team can help.

  1. Be as specific as possible in the description that you provide to officials.
  2. Accept that the elder has the right to refuse any services or help that is offered to him or her.
  3. Remain vigilant even after you've made your report, so as to ensure that future acts of abuse and negligence do not continue.

Keep in mind that you do not need to have specific evidence to support your suspicions at the time that a report of elder abuse is made. In fact, abuse and neglect of an elderly individual is often so subtle that there is little to go off of other than intuition and / or a “sneaking suspicion.” It's okay to come to our office for help even if you aren't yet sure of whether or not the allegations that you have reported are in fact true.

We have been working in the legal field for decades, and we recognize that the sensitivity of elder abuse cases often calls for a slightly different approach than that which might be applied to another type of injury case in California. We are here to work with you under all types of circumstances, including those in which minimal evidence exists. In every way possible, we are committed to helping you through this difficult time. Don't wait to contact us if you would like more elaboration on the tips that we have provided on this page, or if you are interested in learning more about how we can be of help to you and your family at this time.


With Americans living longer than ever and facing age-related impairments, more and more seniors are becoming victims of elder abuse. Whether they've been physically assaulted or financially exploited, they suffer immensely and deserve a strong advocate. If you or your loved one has experienced elder abuse, don't hesitate to call an experienced Santa Rosa elder abuse attorney. At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, we work tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients.


You can take steps to prevent elder abuse from happening to yourself or your loved one. The following tips may stop the abuse or neglect from happening in the first place:

  • Take care of legal documents early, such as naming a person to make decisions for you in the future (conservatorship or power of attorney) and completing a living will.
  • Make sure your senior loved one is making an effort to take care of his or her health.
  • Urge your senior loved one to seek professional help for any substance abuse or mental health issues.
  • Encourage your senior loved one to get involved in community activities and stay in touch with friends and family.
  • Review financial information often to make sure there is no financial exploitation.
  • Take action immediately if you suspect elder abuse by contacting an experienced elder abuse lawyer.


If you suspect elder abuse, contact our firm for a free consultation. We put our experience and resources to work for clients. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses. At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, we mean business!

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