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Why You Need a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney


You may have made unannounced visits to a nursing home and took note of the understaffed or unfriendly staff. The residents may appear depressed or withdrawn. You may smell foul odors. Perhaps you noticed unexplained bruises on your loved one. Something's wrong, but what can you do next?

If you suspect nursing home abuse or negligence, contact an experienced attorney. Nursing home abuse and neglect cases can be complex. If you pursue a claim on your own, you may face resistance or denials from the nursing home or its insurance carrier.

At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, our Santa Rosa nursing home abuse attorneys understand how to build a strong and winning nursing-home-negligence case. We're prepared to investigate and determine liability. We can help you with the various reports, medical information and timelines typically associated with a negligence or abuse claim. Call (707) 575-7141 for a free and confidential consultation. We're ready to listen to you and discuss the best course of action.

Nursing home abuse sadly is a growing trend, with approximately 5 million reports of elder abuse each year. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer at our offices can put experience and resources to work so you can focus on the welfare of your senior loved one.

Sonoma County Nursing Home Ratings & Safety Violation Information

The rates of injuries from nursing home patients around the country has gotten higher in recent years, and that trend does not look like it will be subsiding in the near future, even in Santa Rosa. That's why the associates at Freeman & Freeman have taken it on our own to conduct thorough research into fully understanding the nursing homes across Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We will stop at nothing for any of our client's investigative needs, thus we are going to share the research we've conducted on Santa Rosa's nursing homes.

By utilizing our overview of nursing home ratings and safety violations, you and your loved ones can make an informed decision about where to re-locate an elderly family member if they're ready to make the transition into their first nursing home in Santa Rosa, or if your loved one is looking to re-locate themselves from a troubling experience at a nursing home. Perhaps your loved one was showing signs of abuse or suffered injuries from abuse at the nursing home.

This page will also delve into what we dowhat we look for, signs of abuse and inferior care, how we can help and what to do if you suspect poor care. The information on this page will undoubtedly give you a much broader spectrum of information in terms of Santa Rosa's nursing homes, and ultimately could keep your loved ones out of abusive situations or help you navigate your options when nursing home abuse affects you and your family. Click here to read more about Sonoma County nursing home ratings and safety.


We understand the serious nature and special considerations of nursing home abuse and negligence cases. At The Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, we treat our clients with dignity and respect. A nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm can help you pursue compensation for your loved ones losses and help prevent future abuse. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation about your nursing home abuse and negligence case.

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