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Study Shows Adults Text and Drive More than Teens Do

Posted by Freeman & Freeman | Oct 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

While teens are often targeted for texting and driving and putting others in danger, adults seem to be the actual culprits when it comes to this type of behavior. According to Yahoo! News, there was a new study conducted by AT&T to see who actually is texting behind the wheel.

USA Today first produced the findings of the study and explained that adults text more when driving than teens do. Nearly half of all adults admit that they will text and drive from time to time. 98% of all adults admit that this is a dangerous practice. Shockingly, only 43% of all teens admit to texting behind the wheel.

Even AT&T employees were surprised when they processed the findings of their survey. The Senior Vice President of public affairs told USA Today that she was a bit surprised that the findings showed adults were less responsible than teens behind the wheel.

Adults say that they often feel shame, guilt, or stubbornness when they are texting behind the wheel, but will do it anyway because they want to save time and respond to their friends and acquaintances quickly.

In order to discover this fact, AT&T surveyed 1,011 adults as a part of it's It Can Wait campaign. The company recently created an app for smart phones which can sense if a car is going faster than 25 mph and will send an automated text message response to all contacts who text the phone. The automated responses are customizable, and can help people to avoid the temptation to text back when en route.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently discovered that 31% of all drivers in the United States text while driving, even though the practice is illegal in 39 states. 69% of all states admit that they use their cell phone while driving.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute explains that sending a text message typically breaks a driver's concentration for 4.6 seconds. This is enough distance to cover the length of a football field, and if there is a sudden change in the pace of traffic it can facilitate an accident.

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